Ferris wheel at night

Bringing Thrill Rides to Life Takes Expertise


The Big E trusts General Crane to help construct their exciting Midway rides

If you’ve lived in southern New England for even a year or two, you know about the Big E. It’s an enormous 17-day exposition held in West Springfield, Massachusetts, that begins each year on the second Friday after Labor Day. It is basically a gigantic “state fair” that encompasses not only Massachusetts, but also Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. You can tour the Avenue of States to enjoy the amazing food and attractions from each of the participants, and then try your luck on one of the Midway games or take in a concert from a top named artist.

And then there are the rides! You can soar through the air on the Yo Yo or the Cliff Hanger, or enjoy a breathtaking view atop the Giant Wheel. The Big E features dozens of thrilling rides that, unlike a permanent amusement park, must be assembled at the site and then removed at the end of the fair. Have you ever thought about HOW they manage to get that done?

Cranes play a huge part in the process, and The Big E trusts General Crane to provide the equipment and expertise. Each ride has unique height and weight specs, and General Crane partners with the expo’s planners to make sure the right crane (and crane operator) are assigned to each project.

We’re proud to be selected by an organization like the Big E. Nothing is more important than the safety of their attendees, and that safety begins with the proper assembly of the rides. General Crane brings the equipment and the knowledge to help make that happen!