Trusted Crane Rental for Construction Work

Municipalities have unique needs when it comes to public construction. Every construction project performed on behalf of local or state governments must adhere to stringent quality control standards — and it must fulfill the safety and efficiency expectations of public trust. At General Crane, safety in construction comes first. We’re committed to meeting all public safety requirements, and we offer comprehensive crane operation services for municipality construction in New England.

Our crane service for construction includes construction crane rental, estimation services and other essential components of municipal construction in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We provide best-in-class cranes and skilled, experienced crane operators to help with public projects across many industries. Learn more about how we can help municipalities complete their construction projects safely and on time.

Safety Considerations When Renting a Crane for Public Construction

Public construction has many of the same quality and safety requirements as private sector construction jobs. However, municipal construction projects often must meet stricter safety standards and are funded by taxpayer dollars.

General Crane offers construction crane rental services for New England municipalities with the following considerations in mind:

  • Our crane operators are certified and trained according to the highest standards. With over 40 years of experience in the crane operation industry, we proudly maintain an incident-free safety record.
  • We only keep a fleet of optimally maintained cranes on hand, and we make sure all of our crane operators are trained in using and troubleshooting the crane makes and models we provide.
  • We utilize accident-prevention technology with every piece of equipment to ensure the safety of operators, construction crews and the public.
  • We keep bystanders safe by implementing the right environmental controls, communicating effectively on-site and ensuring our cranes are properly operated at all times.

Learn more about our commitment to construction crane rental safety on our website.

Why Trust General Crane With Your Crane Needs?

With over four decades in business and over 100 years of combined crane operation experience, General Crane is New England’s premier source for safe and cost-effective crane rental services for municipal construction. The benefits of our crane rentals for construction projects include:

  • Our services cover a wide range of project needs, from building construction to forestry.
  • All of our cranes are maintained according to strict quality control standards. They are certified by a third party to ensure safety.
  • We perform regular safety inspections on our cranes before bringing them to your public construction site.
  • Our crane operators undergo intensive crane operation and safety training to obtain required certifications.

When it comes to your public construction projects in New England, General Crane is the name you can trust for top-notch crane services.

Contact General Crane for Timely Service

If you need to rent a crane for construction on behalf of a municipality project, General Crane can provide everything required for safe, efficient crane operation. Reach out to General Crane today by contacting us online or calling 860-528-8252.