Cranes for Structural Steel Projects

When you need a structural steel crane company to support you in your next project, consider General Crane. Our crane experts can install industrial materials that require extensive experience and skill.

Reasons to Hire a Crane Company for Installing Structural Steel

Hiring a company like General Crane for your next structural steel installation project offers many advantages over doing it yourself, including:

  • Expertise: At General Crane, our operators understand how to use a variety of cranes for structural steel construction. Rather than training one of your staff on crane operation, you can leave your next structural steel job to one of our experts. They have the licensing and experience to deliver the results you need safely and efficiently.
  • Cost savings: If you have an occasional need for a crane, a rental service can save you capital upfront and ongoing costs. Purchasing a crane requires the investment of a significant amount of capital. Once you have a crane, you then have to invest in operator training and ongoing maintenance. We can save you these costs through a simple rate.
  • Flexibility: With our comprehensive crane rental services, you can rent a crane for only the projects that require it. You can also scale the size of crane that you rent to the size of the job. We’ll work with you to create a plan that accommodates your needs to save you time and money.
  • Safety: Structural steel movement and installation requires highly experienced operators to mitigate risk. Our crane experts understand how to manage loads, prevent fallen materials and avoid electrical hazards. To promote a safe job site, we will partner with your contractors and site engineers to develop a plan for safe crane operations.
  • Convenience: Our service makes it simple to add cranes and operators to your project. We take care of our equipment maintenance and operator training so you can stay on your timeline and maintain uptime.

Five Project Examples That Use Structural Steel Cranes

Working with a crane company can benefit a wide range of construction project types that involve structural steel. Consider these examples of structural steel projects that service:

  1. structural steel crane workResidential buildings: Project managers can save on multifamily housing construction by using structural steel while creating sturdy and fire-resistant structures.
  2. Commercial buildings: Structural steel enables contractors to build high-rise commercial buildings that save on horizontal space.
  3. Industrial facilities: Since structural steel allows for larger areas between supports than other materials, it can create more room for machinery in industrial facilities.
  4. Entertainment complexes: Stadiums and auditoriums built with structural steel can hold multiple vendors and tiers of seating to enhance the customer experience.
  5. Bridges and overpasses: The high tensile strength of structural steel allows for more space for traffic lanes under bridges and overpasses.

Choose General Crane for Safe Structural Steel Installation

Count on General Construction Crane Service, Inc. for safe structural steel crane services. Throughout our 40+ years of experience, we have maintained an incident-free safety record. Learn more about what we have to offer by contacting our team today.