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Crane Operations Require Experience to Ensure Safety


According to OSHA’s analysis of crane accidents, there are an average of 71 fatalities each year. That accounts for almost 10% of all construction worker deaths.

Crane accidents happen more often than the average person would think. News media does not put these accidents on TV and they don’t make major headlines. The first alarm to the construction community was when six construction workers died and 24 were injured in a NYC crane collapse back in March 2008. Then 10 days later, a 20-foot crane section in Miami fell 30 stories, killing two construction workers and injuring five.

Even though regulations and guidelines have become stricter, crane accidents still happen every year. In 2016, a crane operator and a construction worker were killed when a steel beam fell from a crane on a windy day in Queens, NY. According to the NY Times, “the beam had been lifted about four stories when it fell, striking the cab of the crane and killing the operator inside before hitting the worker on the ground who had been helping to guide it with a flag.” Two workers in their 40’s were dead before emergency workers arrived at the scene. According to officials the 650lb beam fell due to failure of the crane’s rigging. Earlier that year, the mayor temporarily tightened the rules for cranes operating in high winds after a crane fell in Manhattan, killing one person and injuring three others.

In past posts we’ve talked about experience being at the heart of getting the job done in a timely and cost effective manner. Experience is critical when it comes to safety. At General Crane, all our operators have passed the CT Crane Licensing Test and with over 100 years of combined experience, we work with our clients on a consultative basis. Most organizations measure being accident free in days and months,  at General Crane, we measure our accident free in years. Since opening in 1972, we have proudly remained accident free. From project estimation to alternative recommendations, General Crane will ensure the job gets done in the most efficient, safest and cost-effective manner.