Tree removal with a crane

Knowing How to Use a Small Crane for a Big Project

Whether working on a job site or with an individual home owner as is the case in this post, it is critical to fully understand the scope of a project and the needs of everyone involved. Last month we blogged about using a smaller crane to save money. This month we’ll discuss using a smaller crane when nothing else will get the job done.

We recently met with a home owner who needed trees cut down in their back yard. The crane would be used to swing each tree section cut around to a ground crew for disposal. They needed a crane that would fit into their back yard.

The challenge was there wasn’t much room between the house, the landscaping and their woods where the work would be done. A large crane wouldn’t fit in the area. We took a look and recommended an 18 ton crane.

We arrived on site and once the crane was in place were ready to go. The homeowner could not believe that not only were we able to use a smaller crane for the project but that we were able to fit the crane in the space available. The job went off without a hitch.

The homeowner was also pleased with the way their yard looked after the project was completed. It is our practice to use plywood and mats when driving a crane over a backyard. It takes little longer but the results are worth it.

By using a smaller crane we ensured that we didn’t leave a large depression in the yard that a larger, heavier crane would have left where the plywood and mats were placed. This was especially important since we’ve had such a warm, wet winter.

It takes years of experience on a variety of projects to understand what crane to use in each unique situation. At General Construction Crane, problem solving is one of the many services we offer in relation to crane rental. For more information, contact us at 860.528.8252.

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