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Experience Outweighs Flash Every Time.

At General Crane we do one thing and one thing only, we provide expertise when it comes to crane operation. Getting the job done right, and in some cases getting the job done at all, takes experience.​

One example of this premise is a job we worked on a couple years ago. We were called in because the customer needed to move an electric motor (11,500 lbs) and a rotor (17,000 lbs). They were told by their current crane operator that they would need to cut a hole in the wall of the building. Obviously they wanted a second opinion.

After reviewing the building and the request, we were able to move both the motor and rotor through a 16 foot overhead door. The key was having the proper crane size that could both fit through the door and handle the weight of the move. Understanding all aspects of crane operation comes with experience, not the latest flashy equipment.

When looking into crane rental we recommend questioning how many years of experience the company has in their operators. Also ask them for examples of challenging projects and how they managed to complete them. When you hire a company with years of operator experience you save in time and money in the long run. After all, someone needs to pay for the shiny new equipment.​

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