Completed Bleechers installation

Experience Gets the Job Done!

When hiring a crane rental company. It’s all about experience. Without operator know-how, you can pay more because it takes longer, you risk damage being done and in some cases the project can’t move forward. The later was the issue one of our customers had.

The challenge was to get an announcer box placed on a set of bleachers. The customer already had a crane company on site. The box, which was about 12,000 pounds needed to be lifted by crane and placed. The crane company on site had a 90 ton crane there. They told the customer that they would need a bigger crane. This company did not have one so they simply left, leaving the customer high and dry.

That company reached out to us for help. After careful inspection, we told them it was no problem and we’d take care of it. Now here’s where the expertise comes in – we used a 35 ton crane and got the job done. At the end of the day, it’s not about the cheapest price or the newest equipment but good old fashion know-how that gets the job done!

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