close up of person operating crane with dirty gloves

Public Construction Jobs Are a Public Trust

Municipal projects need experienced crane operators as much as for-profit ventures do.

Municipalities and governmental organizations have many of the same concerns as private sector companies when it comes to construction projects. They need to be efficient and safe, and they have to get the job done on time. The difference—government specifications can often be incredibly strict, and the projects are usually being done with public funding and for the benefit of the community at large. So if something goes wrong, it is the public they must answer to.

How can a municipality be sure they are getting the safest, most reliable crane service? In southern New England, they can turn to General Crane, a leading provider of cranes and crane operators for nearly fifty years. One municipality recently turned to us for tree work. The costs involved with their previous service provider were simply too high because that company required too much time to complete work. With the expertise we offer, we were able to be more efficient with our time, saving the town’s taxpayers’ money.

We understand your responsibility to the public. Mistakes or malfunctions can cause expensive delays, and on a municipal project, delays are both frustrating and highly visible. And, of course, public safety is of paramount concern. General Crane’s experienced operators understand how to safely perform even the most difficult hoisting and lifting moves, keeping both crew members and the general public out of harm’s way.

Just like we do with our private sector projects, General Crane takes into account critical deadlines, cost concerns, and safety planning with all our municipal jobs. When you are working for the public good, you can’t cut corners! Trust a company with the experience to do the job safely, on time, and on budget. Contact General Crane to find out more!