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What’s Your Sign?

The right size crane can help even a small business get their signage done right.

When you think about a construction job that needs to utilize a crane, you probably think about something big. You’ve no doubt seen major construction projects like high-rise buildings or gigantic solar panel installations with massive cranes on site, moving materials into place. But construction cranes can be of value in much smaller applications, too.

General Construction Crane recently partnered with a restaurant to help them get their exterior signage erected. We were able to provide the right size crane for the job, and because we are experienced in jobs of all sizes, we were able to complete the job quickly, safely, and efficiently.

It might not seem as important as an enormous steel girder or a large RTU located a long distance into a roof, but building signage can be large and expensive. Why take chances? Utilizing not just any crane, but the RIGHT crane, can save you money and protect your investment.

General Crane has been fulfilling crane rental needs large and small for nearly fifty years, so you can trust us to be able to provide the right piece of equipment for your job. And, just as important, our experienced operators have worked on all kinds of installations. Even if your space is tight and your sign is relatively small, we know how to get it installed right.

We understand that small businesses like restaurants have to watch their budgets closely—and we value the trust they place in us. Our operators can help get their signage and awnings in place quickly and safely, saving them money and getting their businesses looking sharp and customer-ready as soon as possible. No matter what size your job, contact General Crane and find out how we can help you.