Heavy equipment warning sign

So … what’s your plan?


To move heavy, expensive materials and machines, you need to get the strategy right first.

Every construction site presents unique challenges. Materials are often awkward, heavy, and expensive—and contractors need to have a strategy for moving and lifting to keep both the materials and the workers safe.

A successful strategy involves both the right equipment and the right operators. At General Crane, our team has the experience to recommend the best methods for moving and staging even the most cumbersome building materials. It all starts with good planning.

Our planners will work hand-in-hand with site engineers and general contractors, as well as skilled tradesmen, to come up with the right equipment and lifting methods for each job. Will heavy loads have to be lifted into awkward or difficult spaces? How will the transportation of the materials affect public walkways and common areas? Could power, water, or gas lines be compromised?

These are the things that must be considered before equipment can start moving heavy materials on site. Planning like this not only helps save money and prevent loss or downtime, it can absolutely help safeguard the well-being of people on the site (both workers and civilians).

The right crane, coupled with a properly qualified operator, can move and place heavy materials and items quickly and efficiently. Stacking, lifting, storing, moving—there are a wide variety of cranes available, and we have the expertise to match the right equipment and the right operator to your job.

The next time you need a crane to move something on a construction job, consult with us first. We’ll assess your project and come up with the right strategy to protect your materials, keep your crew safe, and increase your productivity.