Mobile crane hanging a sign

Choosing the Right Crane Company for Your Sign Installation


It’s that time of year to make sure your stockings are hung with care, in hopes that Saint Nick will pay you a visit. Just like those stockings, it’s important to hang your signage with care so that your customers can see you and stop in. High quality signage can be a significant cost for any business. Most are willing to make the investment because the return is great. What they must take into consideration is how to get the sign hung properly. There is lots to consider when determining how to install your sign.

hanging sign

Many of the larger sign producers have small boom or sign trucks but that might not be the ideal solution for a larger sign. You need to have the right equipment to ensure the signage is put up properly and stays there. Crane rental saves money in the long run to ensure the sign is hung with no problems.

The main consideration is safety, for any of the people involved in hanging the sign. To help ensure this, you need to first make sure that the sign is rigged properly when putting it in place. It should also have a tag line on it to control the sign. This will also help to avoid the effect of wind. The greater the surface of the sign, the greater the possibility for swing. An experienced team will take these things into consideration.

This process holds true for a variety of sign products from site and neon, LED signs or digital signs. Regardless of the type of sign, it needs to be hung with care. When determining how to install your sign, consider hiring a professional crane operator to do the job safely and efficiently.

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