Comparing apples and oranges

When Determining the Cost of a Crane Rental, Be Sure You Compare Apples to Apples

We recently got a call from an old customer who had been using another crane rental company because he thought it would save him money. Sure, the other company had a lower daily rate but that doesn’t necessarily mean a cost savings as he realized over time. The question he forgot to ask is… How long will it take?​

The amount of time a project takes depends on several variables including level of difficulty and size of crane needed, but one of the most important variables is the expertise of the crane operator. A seasoned operator will not only be able to more accurately quote a job but have the ability to meet the quote. With experience comes the ability to look at a project in a different, more efficient and cost effective way. If the crane operator doesn’t have enough hours on a crane doing a variety of projects, they won’t be able to translate their expertise into a cost savings for their customer.

As the old adage says “You Get What You Pay For” or in this case they didn’t get what they paid for. He was paying less a day but overpaying on every project because the operator couldn’t get the job done efficiently.

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