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Avoid Overkill and Save Money

The size crane used on a project is determined by several factors, location, accessibility, load weight, reach, etc. It is not uncommon to err on the size of the next size up for safety reasons. However, General Crane recently acquired a customer who was experiencing overkill and it was costing them money.

The customer was told that they needed a 100 ton crane to work on their project. After careful review, General Crane was able to do the work with a 60 ton crane. This saved them lots of money. Each time a larger crane is used, the cost goes up. At 90 tons and above, this is significant because you need an additional vehicle for carrying additional counter weight. There are four crane sizes between a 60 and 100 ton crane (70, 75, 80, 90). Each one of these costs more than the previous.

In this case the customer needs to rent a crane several times a year. The cost of overpaying for the 100 ton crane was adding up.

Once again, experience saved the day. A less experienced crane operator wouldn’t be able to perform the same work with a lighter crane. Experience is what General Crane brings to the table and it’s how they save their customers money.

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