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7 Industries That Use Cranes

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What Is a Crane Operator?


10 Reasons to Use a Full-Service Crane Hire Company

reasons to hire full-service crane company

When you need a crane on your job site, you have a few options. Yes, you could buy or rent a machine and operate it yourself, but there’s another solution. Instead, work with a crane service company that provides a team of skilled workers in addition to a crane rental. A full-service company provides you with the equipment you need for your project and a knowledgeable team to run the machinery.

Not sure if you should hire a full-service crane company? It’s a big decision for your worksite and one that will come with a vast array of benefits. Check out the top 10 reasons to hire a full-service crane company below to help make your decision an easy one.

1. Experience

Running a crane requires a lot of experience. Crane operators have training and experience with a specific machine and general crane operations, and that experience brings other benefits to your site.

If you were to bring a crane expert onto your team permanently instead of hiring a full-service crane company, you’d have plenty of costs to cover. Crane experts need additional licensing, recertification and training that you’d have to pay for. Instead, work with a company of trained professionals who have the necessary certifications and training.

2. Efficiency

Experienced professionals bring efficiency to a job site. When crane operators know what they’re doing, they do it well and efficiently. When you hire a crane company that’s reliable, you’re sure to get that efficiency throughout your project. You’ll work with a team that understands how essential it is to be timely on a worksite, and that enhances your ability to work efficiently.

3. Safety

Again, experience provides another benefit. In this case, knowledge and experience operating a crane make your job site a safer place. A credible crane service company will have policies in place that involve training for crane operators and employees. That ensures everyone on a worksite handles equipment properly and stays safe. You could see fewer reported incidents, fewer accidents and other problems. That’ll make your team look reliable and trustworthy.

4. Cost and Time Savings

full service crane company

Buying heavy machinery is expensive. When you hire a full-service crane company, you’ll avoid up-front buying costs. Instead, the cost of your equipment is that of a rental. If your company only needs cranes on certain occasions, don’t put all your money into buying one. While the rental cost will vary depending on who you work with and what you need, renting a crane will be more cost-effective than purchasing one.

Full-service crane companies can also handle the logistics for labor and delivering your equipment. They could acquire the necessary permits for parking and street closure if your worksite requires it, as well. That’ll save you time and money on your job site, and you’ll only have to focus on your crew and machinery.

5. Maintenance and Storage

When you own your machinery, you’re responsible for any and all maintenance, care and storage. When you rent a crane, you don’t have to worry about pricey inspections or upkeep, which saves you even more money as a bonus. You also don’t have to worry about storing the machines you rent. A full-service crane company will take the cranes away when the job is done, giving you one less thing to pay for and think about.

6. Insurance Liability

With a crane operator on your team, you risk various liabilities. If they make a mistake or your crane breaks down, you could have costly consequences on your hands. With a reliable crane company, you’ll work with a full-service team that has their own insurance. Find a fully-insured company that covers any damage or accidents that happen and cut down on your job site liabilities.

A reliable crane rental company should also have little to no reported incidents. That shows a dedication to safety and quality work, which again cuts down on liabilities.

7. Material Transportation

If you get the right crane for your job and work with a qualified operator, moving materials around your job site will be more efficient. An experienced operator will lift, stack, store and move materials with ease, and they’ll help you pick the right crane for the job.

A qualified operator from a crane rental company will move materials efficiently and carefully. They’ll consider how they transport the materials, evaluating how the placement could impact walkways or common areas. An operator will also take special care around power, water and gas lines.

8. Versatility Across Jobs

full-service crane company versatility

Whether you and your crew specialize in one area or complete a variety of jobs, rent a crane from a full-service company. You’ll get versatility for various job sites, letting you take on projects you may not have been able to before. Work on anything from small to large sites, demanding jobs to simpler ones, thanks to your access to specialized equipment and services. Working with a full-service company to get a crane with an operator gives you access to various machines without having to buy each kind.

9. Expanding Your Team

When you hire a full-service crane company, you expand the abilities of your team. You can take on various jobs and tackle different tasks with your new temporary team members. With a credible company, the professionals you expand your team with will bring knowledge, experience, safety, efficiency and other useful qualities to your site.

10. 24/7 Emergency Service

Find a crane rental company that’s available every hour of the day, every day of the week. You’ll get emergency service when you need it and quick answers to your questions. Quick response means you can meet your project’s needs efficiently and have a quicker turnover time.

Hire General Crane for Your Crane Needs in New England

Trust General Crane for your crane service in Connecticut, Massachusetts and surrounding states. At General Crane, we’ll only send experienced crane operators to your worksite, no matter how big or small your job is. Our goal is to provide safe and dependable service at every job that needs a crane rental in CT and neighboring states. Plus, our team has over 100 years of combined experience working with a large selection of cranes, ideal for a variety of jobs.

If you need a crane company in Connecticut, hire General Crane today. Contact us for more information about our crane rental and operator services.


The Three Biggest Dangers When Moving Steel


Erecting and moving heavy materials can be a matter of life and death.

No matter the job, big or small, every construction site presents its own challenges and dangers. But when it comes to moving heavy materials, the cost of a mistake can be a serious injury or even death. Having an experienced professional crane operator is vital for the safety of both the crew and everyone else on or near the worksite. Make sure your operator is well-versed in handling each of these three critical areas.

Load management

A crane operator must be well aware of the capabilities of the equipment he or she is using. Attempting to lift a load that is too heavy for the equipment can lead to a catastrophic accident, including the tipping of the crane. Additionally, the operator must understand load balance and how weather conditions might affect the lift. You’ve probably seen video footage of the nightmare scenario when a steel girder goes slightly off balance or gets caught in a gust of wind. The shifting weight can lead the girder to spin like a helicopter blade! An experienced operator, coupled with the right equipment for the job, will minimize the risk of accidents like these.


Naturally, one of the worst things that can happen when a crane is lifting any materials is for the load to fall. At the very least, it causes financial loss because of the damage to the material and to whatever it lands on—but you know that the risk to human life is much greater than that.

Always ensure that your crane provider utilizes properly maintained equipment that is regularly load-tested. You also need an operator who understands how to secure all shapes and sizes of heavy loads. Ask questions, and make sure you are working with a company with a full understanding of proper load handling.

Electrical hazards

The load isn’t the only thing that must be considered when utilizing a crane. Obstacles on the job site must be planned around, as well—and among the most dangerous obstacles are high-voltage power lines. If any metal part of a crane (or the load on a crane) comes in contact with a power line, it can kill not only the operator but also multiple people in the vicinity of the crane.

Analyzing a site before beginning a job and creating a safe plan is crucial. Make sure you are working with a company with experience planning for a variety of site layouts and obstructions, and get a clear understanding of the plan before the job even begins.

Safe lifts can be accomplished with the right equipment and the right operators. General Crane’s team will work with site engineers and general contractors to come up with the right plan, and our operators will provide the necessary hands-on experience to help keep everyone safe on the job site.



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What’s Your Sign?

The right size crane can help even a small business get their signage done right.

When you think about a construction job that needs to utilize a crane, you probably think about something big. You’ve no doubt seen major construction projects like high-rise buildings or gigantic solar panel installations with massive cranes on site, moving materials into place. But construction cranes can be of value in much smaller applications, too.

General Construction Crane recently partnered with a restaurant to help them get their exterior signage erected. We were able to provide the right size crane for the job, and because we are experienced in jobs of all sizes, we were able to complete the job quickly, safely, and efficiently.

It might not seem as important as an enormous steel girder or a large RTU located a long distance into a roof, but building signage can be large and expensive. Why take chances? Utilizing not just any crane, but the RIGHT crane, can save you money and protect your investment.

General Crane has been fulfilling crane rental needs large and small for nearly fifty years, so you can trust us to be able to provide the right piece of equipment for your job. And, just as important, our experienced operators have worked on all kinds of installations. Even if your space is tight and your sign is relatively small, we know how to get it installed right.

We understand that small businesses like restaurants have to watch their budgets closely—and we value the trust they place in us. Our operators can help get their signage and awnings in place quickly and safely, saving them money and getting their businesses looking sharp and customer-ready as soon as possible. No matter what size your job, contact General Crane and find out how we can help you.